Those Mayan’s!

They sure were great astronomers for their time!

Given that their calendar was carved in stone tablets, can we blame them for stopping 3,000 years into the future?

If this is not the year the world ends, perhaps it can be the year the world re-invents itself.

WTF are you waiting for?

Do you think the world will transform without your active participation?

OH NO!! Are you still waiting for a supernatural being to swoop down and save your ass? Are you still waiting – year after year, decade after decade – for some magical something to suddenly change things for you?

Nobody will change your life without you.

We’re here to love you, support you, challenge you, and invite you to higher levels of yourself.

But I can’t go to the gym for you or meditate for you. You’ve got to do that.

So maybe it’s not the end of the world, but it’s a great opportunity for a new beginning.

Take time away from the news and from negative people. Take time to tune in to your truth.

The world is transforming. Consciousness worldwide is elevating.

Get on the escalator, will you?

3 thoughts on “2012: The end of the self as we know it

  1. Challenge accepted. …finally. My ‘work’ is finally in progress. It is staggering to face the obstacles that I’ve accumulated on my own much less those outside of myself. Nonetheless, my head’s now up, the path in view, and taking on what may come. Thanks for the post Alan.

    1. To address your comment, I guess most things like this are a challenge due to our prior conditioning and the way our culture is structured. That is why those of us who are striving to awaken have to do what is best for everyone and everything whether or not the masses are on board. Like John and Laura stated, we start our children on this path as early as our awareness allows. If that is normal for them it becomes normal for the world as the old-guard dies off. And of course, they will find its limitations and further refine and perfect it and things like it. It is a process!

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