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“Everything is getting better and better, and worse and worse, faster and faster.”
– Tom Atlee

“Everything is getting better and better, everything is getting worse and worse, and everything is perfect just as it is.”
– Ken Wilber

“Everything in the world is perfect as it is, including your desire to change it.”
– Rumi

The Big Why

Ask yourself what you want, and then ask one of the following two questions:

If you had that, then what would you have?

If you had that, what would that give you?

These two questions will take you deeper and deeper to universal human needs.

Try it. And if you have any questions, enter them in the comment section below.

Smart vs Conscious

There’s a difference between being intelligent and being conscious.

It’s possible to be extremely smart, yet relatively unconscious.

I don’t care how smart you are.

Strive to be increasingly conscious.

Here is my top seven list of things to develop greater consciousness around:

1) Yourself. What makes you tick. Your needs and desires. Your unconscious habit patterns. Know thyself. At least so you can stop impacting the rest of us with what an asshole you are. (I’m sorry, am I projecting again?)

2) The people around you, their needs, their beauty, and their preciousness.

3) Nature. Even in a city, the signs of nature abound. Be more conscious of other beings as well as natural processes. Without nature we’re toast.

4) The preciousness of this moment. The miracle of being alive and of each breath. Albert Einstein wrote: “There are two ways to live- you can live as if nothing is a miracle, or you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

5) Gratitude. Make it your second nature to plug into appreciation and gratitude. Without suppressing your awareness of unpleasant realities, choose where to put your focus, and focus on positivity and gratitude.

6) Possibility. So much more is possible than that of which we’re aware. As Permaculture teacher extraordinaire Doug Bullock once said to my design class, “dream big and go for it!”

7) Humor. Cultivate lightheartedness, play, and fun. Quite taking yourself so seriously.

What are some other things that you would add to this list?

Post them below.


The S-H word

A sure-fire recipe to not do something is to tell yourself you should.

Anything done out of “duty” or obligation, shoulds or have-tos, is not nearly as enjoyable, and can easily lead to resentment either of the task or of other people.

Instead, back off until you can connect to how it serves. How does it contribute to life? What Needs does it meet?

A simple example: doing the dishes.

You can do the dishes out of a should or a have-to, or a sense of obligation. The task quickly becomes a drag – creating tension in your mind and body – and you may even resent other people for it.

Or you can connect with how doing the dishes meets your needs for health and hygiene, or order and cleanliness; or how doing the dishes aligns with your values of being a contributing member of your household.

When you are connected with the needs it will be more fun.

The energy with which we do things is just as important as the action itself.

The cost of doing things out of shoulds and have-tos is too high.

Please quit shoulding on yourself!



Fell off the horse again?

I don’t care how many times you’ve fallen off the horse.

What matters to me is your willingness to continually get back on.