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Another False Dichotomy: Selfish vs Selfless

Being selfish versus being selfless is a good hamster-wheel-of-the-mind for spinning off confusion and guilt.

If you’re selfish, all you care about is your own needs.

If you’re selfless, your needs don’t enter the picture; you’re only here for others.

What if serving others meets your needs? What if being only selfish ultimately results in your own needs NOT being met?

That’s why one of my favorite teachers, Marshall Rosenberg, came up with the word self-full. His invention of this term is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, intentionally humorous. But also totally right-on.

Do you ever find yourself bouncing between the extremes of being a selfless doormat for others and then resenting it, and beating yourself up for being “selfish”?

It’s time to stop.

Just be self-full. Include and care for others’ needs AND your needs.

The hardest part

When you have a tough problem, the hardest part is figuring out how to figure it out.

After that it’s easier, because it’s just about figuring it out.

When you don’t even know how to figure it out — that’s hard.

Am I Nuts?

I hope this post finds you well and happy!

I’m on day 8 of my launch which is about a 12-day process. I’m learning a lot! and having fun.

Everyone who’s seen the Blackbelt Communication Skills (NVC) Coaching Program has had awesome things to say!

The program is for people who want to bring power, compassion, and clarity to their communication skills so they can have a bigger positive impact, and free themselves from the mental and emotional weight that results from unskilled interpersonal interactions.

Participants get the whole enchilada from beginner to intermediate to advanced…

…and the elements of training, support, and community together are worth well over $2500 –

But I’m pricing the program at $997 –

And for just a few more days I’m offering it for half that at $497…

Am I nuts? Maybe.

I want to make it as accessible as I can, but I can’t sustain half price for very long.

You can see a preview of the membership portal here:


To check out the offer and learn more about the program, click here:


And give me your feedback! I want to know what you think!

The Good Kind of Freaking Out

First of all, I’m sorry for being so out of touch.

It’s just that I’ve been working so hard on this Video Training Series for you (which is free) — and I realize that when I get really focused, two of the things that take a hit are blogging and email.

And, yes, I’m freaking out – but in a good way.

More than nervousness, I’d call it anticipation. I really HAVE been working really hard for this day.

Because besides the free training videos, today is the first launch for the Blackbelt Communication Skills Coaching Program, which I’m kicking off by sending people the free goodies.

All I want to do is live fully, love freely, and make a big difference.

Will you join me by checking out the free videos and leaving a comment at the bottom?


Love and Wisdom

“When I look inside and see that I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I look outside and see that I am everything, that is love… and between those two, my life turns.”

-Nisargadatta Maharaj, teacher and philosopher, 1897-1981