Ken Wilber’s Integral Framework is a meta-theory — a theory of theories — that allows every area of human inquiry to see itself in relation to every other field, on the same conceptual map!

As such it is an indispensable tool for Changemakers, because it accounts for things that most of us overlook, thus opening up many more possibilities for where to exert pressure or leverage in any given situation.

If you are already a practitioner of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC), I have a version of the full course for NVC practitioners, which includes the other elements beyond quadrants, here.

2 thoughts on “Ken Wilber’s 4 Quadrants

  1. Taking this year off of camp planning so I have more time to indulge in things just for myself. Really enjoyed this presentation about 4 quadrants. I’ve heard of Wilbur’s work but never sat down to really take it in before. Thanks for sharing this.

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