ecovillage apartmentsAre you curious about other ways of living, besides the one family/one house or apartment model that most people live in the U.S.? So are we! Some of the ways we can do that is by exploring the role of compassion, bringing people closer together by increasing our interdependence on each other, cultivating honesty and conscious feedback. Listen to a full interview with Karl Steyaert by Alan Seid, Cascadia Workshops founder. Karl and Alan talk about a 7-step model that builds closer connections with yourself and with your community.

Karl Steyaert has dedicated years to studying, teaching about, and consulting with “intentional communities” around the world including Scotland, India, and the U.S. His work has been to focus on contributing to peace, justice, and sustainability. Karl has also been a trainer at our annual Blackbelt Communication Skills Retreat, held in Washington State.

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