The following poem was composed in response to birthday wishes received, by Dan Pike, President of Sustainable Solutions and Former Mayor of Bellingham, Washington. It is re-published here with permission.

Birthday Wishes
by Dan Pike

At some point in our lives
We reach a place where what we want for ourselves
Becomes less important than what we want to see
I think I’m getting there

I want to see the Amalfi Coast of Italy
And a change to non-carbon energy

I want to hike the mountains in New Zealand
And experience salmon returns like those at the time of the Point Elliot Treaty

I want to experience the cultural and geographic breadth of China
And see our schools given resources reflecting children as a priority

I want to spend two weeks in the Pasayten, alone again, finding myself
And experience political dialog aimed at fostering solutions rather than reinforcing rancor

I want to see the smiles on my kids’ faces after school today
And have the world experience even one day without war

I want see my friends to make music, art, poetry
And see food go to the hungry wherever they are

On this day, I wish for my friends that they hug someone who is sad, or smile at a stranger
Donate to the food bank, or to stop the coal terminal
Or to help children, or the aged, anywhere

Kindness begets kindness
And I am grateful for your friendship


(This link above is not live as I write this but it may be by the time you are reading this!)

Thank you, Dan.

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