Have you ever wondered how things could be done differently in our prison system? Incarceration rates have more than quadrupled since 1980 in the United States! That currently puts 1 out of every 100 adults in the U.S. behind bars. Is that really the choice we want to be making?

Our friend and colleague Kathleen Macferran gave a talk at the first ever TEDx educational event at a prison, Monroe Correctional Complex in NW Washington State. Kathleen sees new possibilities in making prisons places of healing, rather than just “serving time.” Her work with the Freedom Project has been teaching Compassionate Communication (NVC) to inmates since 2001.

Kathleen is also a part of the training team for the 2014 Blackbelt Communication Skills Retreat, October 1-5 at Whidbey Institute. Learn more about this opportunity master communication skills for creating win-win outcomes in any situation. Live in a supportive community for 4 days with Kathleen Macferran, Karl Steyaert, Alan Seid and Raj Gill.

UPDATE: Read about the retreat HERE.

Check out the video of her talk and comment below letting us know your thoughts and ideas about the prison system.

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