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Four Options for How to Interpret ANY Message

Hi Friend!

I want to share this quick video with you that might help bring you clarity in your everyday interactions.

A huge part of how we receive messages from others and how those messages affect us has to do with how we interpret them. Do we hear judgement and internalize it? Do we turn judgment back onto others? Or do we hear judgement and feel compassion, for ourselves or others?

Coming this October 12-16 I’m hosting a retreat at the beautiful Whidbey Institute to discover and practice simple yet powerful skills, just like the one in this video, that will help make your interpersonal interactions more meaningful and compassionate.

Click on the image below to watch this quick video where I break down this idea of the four options we have for how to interpret any message.

Four Options for How to Interpret - Screen Shot

To learn more about this four day intensive retreat, click the link below.

Blackbelt Communication Skills Retreat at The Whidbey Institute — October 12-16, 2016

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How to Identify Your Niche

Do you know:

what you do best…

that you most enjoy…

that has the greatest monetary potential for you?

No? Well neither do most beginning entrepreneurs!

Some of the toughest questions a new entrepreneur has to answer have to do with identifying your niche.

Some people define niche as a job or activity that suits you well.

Others define niche as a specialized but profitable corner of the market.

Actually, defining your niche involves BOTH: what you do and who you do it for.

In this video I reveal the process I walk my business coaching clients through to successfully identify what they do best, that they most enjoy, that has the highest potential for remuneration.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Three Key Approaches to Content Creation

One of the trickiest things for new entrepreneurs and business owners is balancing short-term and long-term needs and strategies.

You want to build something that increases in value over time and you need to pay the bills NOW.

So how do you make your steps strategic, so that they build on each other over time, so that each one counts toward taking you in a clear direction?

And specific to content creation:
How do you build your content over time in that strategic way, so that all your steps count toward building something of increasing value?

There’s an old saying in online business that “Content is King.” That’s only half true, especially if you don’t have a strategy!

One my business mentors once said: “I’d rather implement a fantastic strategy mediocrely, than a implement a mediocre strategy fantastically.”

In the video below I share THREE super valuable ideas:

1) Three Key Approaches to content creation (they’re all valuable, but each has greater leverage than the preceding one),

2) A multi-million dollar concept that will transform your approach to content creation,

3) A way to organize your knowledge and expertise (your content!) that will result in your having an integrated whole (rather than a heap).