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Donald Trump, Marketing, and The Evolution Of Consciousness

Donald Trump is a great marketer. Let’s admit that. (I think the product he’s selling is crap, but that’s a separate point.)

He’s got one of the two hallmarks of what I call life-serving marketing, but he’s missing the other.

The two hallmarks of life-serving marketing are empathy and being of service.

If you think about coal miners, steelworkers, middle aged white men who feel betrayed by the system — *they feel understood by him*! For that narrow demographic, he’s got the empathy factor down.

And that’s where being of service comes in — along with what we know from over 50 years of consciousness research.

To summarize:

Human consciousness grows from egocentric, to ethnocentric, to sociocentric, to worldcentric (and beyond).

Egocentric = only I matter.
Ethnocentric = only people who look like me matter.
Sociocentric = only people of my nationality matter.
Worldcentric = all human beings matter.
(And you can go beyond humans to all sentient beings.)


It grows to include more and more.

Who is worthy of moral or ethical consideration?

Who do you consider WE or US?

This is one of the biggest problems with Donald.

He’s coming across as a kleptocrat who cares only about himself, or his inner circle, or only white Americans….

…which makes the “product” he’s “selling” inferior and unsustainable.

Donald Trump wants to be of service to coal miners, steelworkers, middle aged white men who feel betrayed by the system, as well as billionaires and other financial elites, the military, and his own bank account.

WHATEVER YOUR GIFTS, TALENTS, AND SKILLS… make sure you ground yourself in the highest reality possible.

And act from there.

Sobre Donald Trump, Marketing, Y La Evolución De La Conciencia

Donald Trump es un gran vendedor. Admitamos eso. (Creo que el producto que vende es una mierda, pero eso es un punto aparte).

Tiene uno de los dos sellos distintivos de lo que llamo marketing-al-servicio-de-la-vida, pero le falta el otro.

Las dos marcas distintivas del marketing-al-servicio-de-la-vida son la empatía y estar al servicio de los demás.

Si piensas en los mineros de carbón, los trabajadores de acero, los hombres blancos americanos de mediana edad que se sienten traicionados por el sistema – * se sienten comprendidos por él *! Para esa demografía estrecha, tiene bien dominado el factor de empatía.

Y ahí es donde viene el servicio – junto con lo que sabemos de más de 50 años de investigación de la conciencia.

Para resumir:

La conciencia humana crece del egocentrismo, al etnocentrismo, al sociocentrismo, al mundocentrismo (y más allá).

Egocéntrico = sólo yo importo.
Etnocéntrico = sólo las personas que se parecen a mí importan.
Sociocéntrico = sólo importan las personas de mi nacionalidad.
Mundocéntrico = todos los seres humanos importan.
(Y puedes ir más allá de los seres humanos a todos los seres sintientes.)


Crece para incluir más y más.

¿Quién es digno de consideración moral o ética?

¿A quién consideras como “nosotros”?

Este es uno de los mayores problemas con Donald.

Parece ser un un cleptócrata que sólo se preocupa por sí mismo, o su círculo íntimo, o sólo los estadounidenses blancos ….

… lo que hace que el “producto” que él está “vendiendo” sea inferior e insostenible.

Donald Trump quiere servir a los mineros del carbón, a los trabajadores del acero, a los hombres blancos de mediana edad que se sienten traicionados por el sistema, así como a los multimillonarios y otras élites financieras, a los militares y, a su propia cuenta bancaria.

TODOS LOS DONES, TALENTOS Y COMPETENCIAS … asegúrate de hacer tierra en la realidad más alta posible.

Y actúa desde ese lugar.

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The Twelve Conditions that Make You Totally Necessary

a.k.a. The Changemaker’s Mandate

Condition #1: We are in the biggest extinction period since the dinosaurs, driven by human activity.

Condition #2: We are impacting our very own life-support systems in dangerous ways.

Condition #3: Our economic system – as it works today, predicated on unlimited growth and externalizing costs to disadvantaged human communities, other species, and future generations – is destroying ecosystems and indigenous peoples worldwide.

Condition #4: Most of your schooling is or was geared to make you a replaceable part — another cog in the machine — of this economic system which would have no issue with you spending 9-to-5-till-you-die in a cubicle.

Condition #5: Our lifestyles of “buying things we don’t even need, with money we don’t even have, in order to impress people we don’t even like” are:
– Driving ecological destruction through our demand
– Keeping us locked into jobs, through a work/spend cycle
– Leaving individuals and families less resilient in the case of economic downturns and ecological instability

Condition #6: You have much more to do with your life, and much more to offer, than 9-to-five-till you die

Condition #7: All problems are interconnected and interrelated: poverty, racism, sexism, animal cruelty, environmental issues, etc., etc.

Condition #8: To effect the greatest change, it’s more effective to work on root causes rather than the symptoms or the symptoms of symptoms

Condition #9: The work needs to happen on all levels simultaneously

* 8 & 9 together represent a paradox. Deal with it.

Condition #10: It’s not enough to preach or sermonize, we need to walk the talk and lead by example. This exemplifies integrity and congruence, as well as being of service due to speaking from experience, knowing the ins-&-outs, pitfalls, tips-&-tricks, and credibility.

Condition #11: Working on the individual level is necessary but not sufficient; we must also change systems and structures.

Condition #12: As individuals, we each need to find best-practices for living in harmony within ourselves, with each other, and with Planet Earth — followed by best-practices at the level of systems and structures.

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For this work she has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show twice!

Vicki has served on Bill Clinton’s President’s Council for Sustainable Development as well as on the Board of Transition US.

Vicki has launched or co-launched many sustainability initiatives including New Road Map Foundation, Conversation Cafe’s, The Simplicity Forum, The Turning Tide Coalition, Sustainable Seattle, The Center for a New American Dream, and many others.

Alan Seid works with social entrepreneurs and changemakers, sharing best-practices for lifestyle design and making a positive difference in the world.

Alan has been implementing this money skills program since 1992, with transformative as well as measurable results. He has been teaching this methodology since 1994, when he became a member of the New Road Map Foundation’s Speakers Bureau. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of Washington Business School, Antioch Seattle, and the Fairhaven College Sustainable Communities Conference, among others.

The Connection Between Money and Happiness

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Money and Happiness, What’s the Relationship?

Our culture is SO confused about money!

Take the following contradictory cultural expressions:

Money makes the world go ‘round.

Money can’t buy me love

Cash is king

The best things in life are free.

Add to that the fact that there is no consistent early childhood education around money and it’s practically guaranteed most of us will have unresolved issues around money — and they can be different for each person:

– maybe I grew up with more than enough and when I saw people with very little I experienced guilt

– maybe I didn’t see mommy and daddy very much as a child and it had something to with “money”

– maybe I was often told “we can’t afford that” and so as an adult I splurge on myself to make up for the sense of lack I experienced as a child.

It’s different for everyone!

But these two conditions:
1) The culture is confused around money, and
2) There is no consistent early childhood education around money

…basically guarantee that money will be a very difficult topic.

Our culture has confused and conflated two different things: standard of living and quality of life.

Standard of Living is how much stuff I have;

Quality of Life refers to how satisfied or fulfilled I feel with my life.

So what is the relationship between money an happiness?

Scriptures from several traditions say that neither those with too little nor those with too much can be happy.

Let me know what you think by posting a comment below.

Thank you!

PS: Here is the handout I mention in the video: Fulfillment Curve Handout

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