Bodhi Creek Farm - photo collageMy wife and I found our dream property after visioning and searching for several years, following a specific step-by-step process.

We had been looking for a place to serve as a learning center for best-practices in how to live in harmony within ourselves, with each other, and with the planet. With the support of friends and family we were able to close on this amazing 25-acre property in 2002.

We’ve now lived here for over a decade, raising our family and inspiring many others to take the dive and dream big in creating an epic life. Take a tour of Bodhi Creek Farm in the video below.

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You can easily imagine many things you dream of having in your life. It just seems to be out of your grasp…

Let this step-by-step roadmap guide you in:

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  • developing a detailed vision
  • finding the actual property or whatever else you are looking for

Discover the 10 practical steps to turn your dreams into reality with tools and tips on:

  • mindsets for success
  • brainstorming your vision
  • categorizing and prioritizing different aspects of what you want
  • focusing on and holding your vision over time

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