I know. How unprofessional of me.

But here’s the deal: I’m not here to please anyone.

I’m here to serve.

I’ve done my leg-work. I’m claiming my topics.

What this new world requires of us is that we be fully bad-ass — and yet totally gentle and compassionate too.

People go through such hard times. Suffering is easy. Our moods are fragile.

It’s time to toughen up our minds and soften our hearts. How do you have a strong mind that is pliable, flexible, spacious, open to new things…

…but that doesn’t fly off the handle or freak out by things that in a week or a month seem insignificant?

How do we open our hearts so that we can witness the suffering of the world without closing down — allowing love fully in and fully out — and letting ourselves deeply feel our own FULL range of emotions?

I’m SO done being “nice” and being a pleaser! (You too?)

If what I do and who I am resonates for you, I welcome you into my world. If not, I bless and release.

(By the way, the post title is my way of celebrating my first blog post…)

(Oh yeah, and happy birthday María Victoria: today you would have turned 71.)

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