Years ago one of my biggest challenges was knowing how to turn my knowledge and expertise into a livelihood (sound familiar?).

As I continue to serve Changemakers and Cultural Creatives, one of the biggest needs I see and hear about, is just that:

…how do I make a living doing what I’m good at, that I also enjoy, and which makes a positive difference in the world?

In traditional sales and marketing there is a fairly simple concept of the sales funnel.

The funnel concept works like this:

People enter the wide mouth (at low or no cost), and as they go deeper you will have fewer people (the funnel narrowing). The fewer numbers are made up for by the fact that your offerings become more expensive as people go deeper into your funnel (representing a greater degree of involvement and commitment, usually financial).

The problem?

Most new entrepreneurs build it backwards!

Here is a simple concept that transformed my business:

Can I ask you a favor? I would love to get your feedback or any questions you have, in the form of a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Build the Funnel Backwards!

  1. Thank you so much for this insight. This is actually exactly what I’m doing right now to build my Emapthic Parent mentoring practice so I really appreciate the message of being on the right track! Sending much love and light, Heather

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