Do you sometimes feel awkward about expressing a Thank You?

Have you ever had the sense that the other person isn’t receiving your expression of gratitude in the way you meant it?

During the holiday time there is an increased opportunity to give and receive gratitude with the people in your life.

Expressing gratitude and appreciation can feel empty, or it can leave us feeling very connected and fulfilled, depending on how it is given and received.

In this short video, I share insights into the different ways to share and be heard when expressing thanks and appreciation.

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Here’s an Mp3 of the video in case you prefer to listen…

9 thoughts on “How To Say Thank You During the Holidays

  1. I have a warmth in my heart and a smile on my face as I listen to this video on expressing gratitude and appreciation. The intention of celebration is such as sweet shift for both giver and receiver. Thank you Alan, for providing clarity of expression in your contribution to connection, celebration and inspiration.

  2. Alan,

    When I see you describing a way I can connect on a deeper level when giving a compliment, with clear, heartfelt examples, my heart is warmed. It truly helps me with the need I am focused on right now to connect more with the people around me. I really AM filled with gratitude, hearing these very helpful words. I would appreciate it VERY much if you would continue posting videos like this one (and sending me an email each time you do so, just as you have done with this one)!!!! Watching this brief video helps to keep the weekend of NVC training I received a couple of years ago alive in my consciousness. From an expat American living in Scotland, thanks for this video just now, during Thanksgiving week! Nice timing.

  3. Your video hit the spot and I am grateful for you taking time to share these gems of how to give and receive thanks. I haven’t been practicing the receiving very well, but I love the idea of giving empathy to our joy and will practice it. My needs for learning, connection and understanding with ease are met by your reaching out with these videos : ) hugs Varshnie

  4. Hi Alan.

    Thanks for heartfully communicating a particularly useful expression of NVC. 🙂 To me, sharing the observations, feelings, and needs associated with my gratitude actually makes it a little less embarrassing for me (and perhaps for the other person) than sharing the gratitude alone. In future videos, perhaps you could repeat the observations, feelings, needs, and requests structure of NVC one or two times, to make it easier for people to remember?



  5. ‘Tis the season to have a way to celebrate our connections in meaningful, joyful ways..Thanks for getting the ball rolling in the right direction. I really appreciate the break-down of stating what we Observe in an action or quality in a person, How that meets our needs for positive connection and values, How much we appreciate what someone has done, said or how they are handling or creating a situation. Delivered right in time for the winter season of daring to care and share from our hearts. Thanks a bundle, Alan, your reassuring words and examples made it easier than falling off a reindeer, and less scary too!

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