A few days ago I was driving to a meeting.

I lost control of my car on a patch of black ice, spun off the road, and tumbled 50 feet down a ravine. The car was found upside down.











The photo above was taken by the towing company. The three below were taken by me at their lot, later that day.

IMG_0921 IMG_0919 IMG_0920

Statistically I should be dead. But I walked away with a concussion, and some cuts and bruises. I got 3 stitches.

I’m at home and I’m SO happy to be alive!

I’ve been given a second chance, and my goal now is not waste even a single moment.

I’ve already posted some about this event on my FB page, but below is the first time I’ve posted this video.

The Ambulance Video

The video below I shot with my iTouch just after getting in the ambulance.

I lost my memory at the point of going off the road, I don’t know if I rolled or what to end up where I did.

My memory returns shortly before taking this video.

I’m still a little bit out of it in this video, remembering where I was going was a little foggy.

WARNING: If blood freaks you out — I had some cuts on my head, thus the dried/drying blood on my face.

Total bodily damage: a concussion, a few little pieces of glass they pulled from the top of my scalp at the hospital, 3 stitches, some cuts on the top of my head, possibly/maybe a hairline fracture in my wrist (so I got a cool splint-brace), a little black-&-blue, and some cool scars. I did get rattled around and shaken up.

I could have died or ended up very badly injured. I feel EXTREMELY lucky!

There are SO many layers of learning embedded in this experience for me, but the main one is cutting out all the BS. We ALL have limited time on this planet.

I’m not special because I had this accident.

We are ALL full of the potential to be amazing and do awesome things, or at the very least do our best, day after day after day after day, and not complain about what’s not working even half as much as we contact our gratitude and appreciation for the miracle that one moment of being alive can be.

No more wasting even a moment of this very brief thing called being alive.

Here’s the video I took in the ambulance:


2 thoughts on “I almost died

  1. Wow, Alan!!!
    It looks like you were put in a car that was crumpled by the hands of fate! It IS amazing you survived!!!
    Welcome to the World again & again & again & again!!!
    I’m SOOOOOOOH happy with your learning and your take on this, and to have You still in this World, living, breathing, and loving life.

    I’m very curious to see the movie, but it’s taking a long time… more than 10 minutes.

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