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Sometimes our craving for love, acceptance, and approval leads us to show only parts of ourselves and hide others. This lack of authenticity actually breeds disconnection and mistrust, leading to those very needs not being met.

What judgments are you afraid other people might have of you, such that you hide a part of yourself? Make a list.

Any chance these align with judgments you have of yourself? Make a list.

Your success in the game of work and the business of life — to borrow a phrase from David Allen — will benefit tremendously from your connection with yourself, from your self-acceptance, and from your ability to be authentic.

Having the perfect external appearance of “having it all together” no longer cuts it. We want more. We want the real you.

Become friends with yourself. Invite yourself out on date, and get to know yourself all over again. Reignite the love affair with your Self. This is not narcissistic self-involvement. This is: Know Thyself.

After all, self-acceptance can only begin through self-knowledge.

Once I accept myself, being authentic is easier. And the people in my life can love me for who I really am, warts and all.

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