In the old reality, picking one cause made sense because in the old paradigm things were fractionalized and segmented.

But since the 1960s, we are increasingly aware of the interrelatedness, interconnectedness and interdependence of all the various liberation movements — and of the root causes of humanity’s, society’s, and the planet’s ills.

It’s still OK to specialize and have your “pet” causes. But now each of us needs to at least be informed as to how it all fits together.

The key for change agents is to discern root cause as best we can, and get to working on that. The paradox lies in the fact that we will all still gravitate to different things because of our skills and preferences, but also because we will not all agree on what is root cause. The challenge lies in accepting the ecology of change agency, and supporting each other in our diverse endeavors, even if the overlap is not obvious.

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