“The world is getting better and better; the world is getting worse and worse; and the world is perfect just as it is.”
– Ken Wilber

At some point, we grow up enough to pull our heads out of our own asses and look around.

What do you see?

At some point — hopefully for most of us or the world’s in big trouble — we come to the realization that ALL the world’s problems are interrelated: hunger, corruption, species extinction, gay-bashing, climate instability, teen suicide, the debt epidemic, homelessness, child slavery, nuclear waste…

…they are all related because they stem from our inability to think systemically, interrelatedly, deeply, and from our inability (or reluctance) to think long term; to root ourselves in long-term thinking and the reality of interdependence.

At some point you decide to be part of the solution or part of the problem. I’m not talking about the paradox of our day-to-day actions interacting with an imperfect system, in which I used fossil fuels to attend the sustainability meeting or my make-the-world-a-better place mastermind group met on a conference call powered by mountaintop-removal-coal. These things are all part of being born into a broken system we’ve inherited. Becoming a hermit is not the answer. The question is what are you doing to make it better?

At some point you decide – you resolve – that you will be part of the solution more than part of the problem. Consciously. Intentionally. With fierce resolve. Or nothing will get better.

What do you choose?

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