Dear Changemaker,

Please keep the following in mind:

1) All the problems in the world are interconnected. Civil rights, income inequality, destruction of habitat, dysfunctional politics, the Pacific Ocean garbage patch, narco-terrorism, child abuse, etc… They’re all interconnected and interrelated.

2) It’s OK to specialize, to focus on what draws you. In fact, I want you to focus on the intersection between your highest joy and the world’s deepest hunger. But as you specialize and focus, keep the larger context in mind. (Be Integrally informed.)

3) You have to work on yourself. As soon as you believe the lie that you are at the pinnacle of human evolution – “if everyone else saw things my way everything would be solved” – you are back-sliding. Your own growth and development is part of what is interconnected.

4) Keep in mind that having a great tool is one thing, but being skillful with that tool is another. Develop your skills in holistic best-practices to be the best catalyst you can be.

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