Full Transcriptions of our Comprehensive Program

Blackbelt Communication Skills Complete Training Transcription Pack

BCSOP Transcription Pack Product Art

  • Learn the 4 ways to interpret any message
  • Realize deep distinctions between requests vs demands
  • Gain key tools to resolve internal conflicts and get to know yourself more compassionately
  • Develop potent practices around gratitude and appreciation

All of the information from over 50 different video training videos in a 174-page PDF that shares the best of Alan Seid’s 20 years of studying effective and compassionate Nonviolent Communication.

Get the full transcriptions of the Blackbelt Communication Skills Online Program.
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Compassionate Communication Deep Dive

Nonviolent Communication Skills – Deep Basics Training

Deep Fundamentals 5-Audio Disc Course plus Step by Step Guide

Learn crucial skills, mindsets and much more with Alan Seid’s compelling style and engaging examples:

  • Prevent and resolve misunderstandings and conflicts
  • Get your intentions heard clearly by others
  • Create mutual understanding without coercion

5 CDs’-worth of audio and 99-page PDF that breaks down the Nonviolent Communication™ curriculum into 9 “steps” – available as a downloadable product at this time

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Huge Amount of Inspiration for One Low Price

A Path With Heart: Telesummit on NVC and Social Change – Recordings and Transcriptions

A Path With Heart 18 interviews and transcriptions with 7 bonus interviews

  • Discover leading-edge social change work that is truly creating a difference
  • Hear in-depth interviews with some of the world’s best-known Nonviolent Communication trainers
  • Get inspired with stories, tools and resources

We’ve brought together an amazing team of teachers and leaders who reveal valuable practical social change applications of Nonviolent Communication including Robert Gonzales, Miki Kashtan, Dominic Barter, Rabbi Michael Lerner and over 20 others.

Learn more on our A Path With Heart sister website

Get the full recordings and transcriptions of A Path With Heart: NVC & Social Change Telesummit
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High Value for One Low Payment

Blackbelt Communication Skills: A Nonviolent Communication Introduction

Nonviolent Communication Introduction Video Introduction 2-DVD Video Course and Worksheets

Get new and powerful results from your communication with the Nonviolent Communication framework:

  • Create powerful connections with others
  • Tell your truth and have it received well
  • Cultivate compassionate listening
  • Understand crucial distinctions between requests and demands
  • Discover deeper connection with yourself through acceptance, curiosity and compassion

2 DVDs worth of video with worksheets – only available as a downloadable product at this time

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Musical Metaphors of the Heart for Families

Giraffe Tales Audio CD by Kathleen Macferran


Giraffe Tales CD Cover

“How Giraffes Found Their Hearts” and “How Giraffes Got Their Ears” are stories interwoven in a rich musical landscape and narrated by enchanting voices. These teachings about the why and how of Nonviolent Communication are perfect for children and adults learning about the emotion and heart that surrounds feelings and needs. Available now as an audio download or in CD format.

Composed and directed by Kathleen Macferran, Music Director and Founder of Rainier Chamber Winds and CNVC Certified Trainer.

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Nonviolent Communication Games

GROK CARDS, Activities and Books

Grok products photoGROK the World games and materials support people around the world to:

  • better understand each other
  • connect more easily
  • speak more honestly
  • listen compassionately
  • foster goodwill

Go as deep as you want or just play with GROK products. Different books, games and activities invite meaningful conversations as well as playful interactions for individuals, couples, families, and business or organizational groups. These engaging games and tools include:

GROK all the details on the GROK affiliate website

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Create a Relationship with Money that is Clear, Empowered, and Non-stressful

Blackbelt Money Skills home study course logo

This course is for you if you want to create a relationship with money that is:

  • Clear
  • Empowered
  • Non-stressful
  • Playing a purposeful role in the life you want to lead, rather than life being about chasing money or avoiding it.

This course includes SIX 1-hr+ Audio Sessions with handouts.

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Step-by-Step Roadmap
for Visioning and Manifesting

You can easily imagine many things you dream of having in your life. It just seems to be out of your grasp…

Let this step-by-step roadmap guide you in:

  • strengthening the mindsets that will sustain your efforts over time
  • developing a detailed vision
  • finding the actual property or whatever else you are looking for

Discover the 10 practical steps to turn your dreams into reality with tools and tips on:

  • mindsets for success
  • brainstorming your vision
  • categorizing and prioritizing different aspects of what you want
  • focusing on and holding your vision over time

Get Find Your Dream Property Step-By-Step now and 
download the 2 hour teleseminar and 30-page PDF.
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Get the Big Picture for One Low Cost

Integral Awareness and Practice for NVC Practitioners:
Deepening NVC with Ken Wilber’s Integral Framework

Integral Awareness and Practice for NVC cover art

  • Get your own personal guided tour of the Integral Framework from someone who understands Integral Theory and NVC
  • Understand how “levels of consciousness” can reduce your frustration and create ease in connecting with other people’s perspectives
  • Gain a framework that puts the incredible variety of disciplines and perspectives into an integrated larger whole
  • Discover new ways to meet your need for meaning


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