Manifest Your Dream Property or Anything You Want in Life

Dream Property PhotosYou can easily imagine many details of your ideal place to live, ideal job or business, romantic partner, or any other thing you dream of having in your life.
You can envision how amazing it would be to dwell in your sanctuary, work with passion or love fully.
You know what you want to do there on your property.

It just seems to be out of your grasp…

But what if you had a tested, step-by-step roadmap to guide you in:

  • strengthening the mindsets that will sustain your efforts over time
  • developing your vision with detailed clarity
  • finding the actual property

Discover the 10 practical steps that will take you from your dreams into the reality you only imagined was possible. These include highly valuable tools and tips on:

  • mindsets for a successful process
  • brainstorming what you envision
  • categorizing and prioritizing different aspects of what you want
  • focusing your efforts and holding your vision over time
  • and much more

Learn from an experienced and inspiring teacher

Alan Seid has been helping people make a positive difference, create the lives they want and honing their internal resources for over 20 years. In this recorded teleseminar, Alan walks you through the process he has helped many others with and used to find his own dream property for much less than full market price: 25 acres with a residence and a retreat center, natural mountain springs, creeks and pond, lush forests, sunny meadows and much more.

Alan’s engaging style and illustrative examples make the learning enjoyable and inspirational. Hear other classmates from the teleseminar contributing their own ideas and feedback that will answer questions you didn’t even know you had!

Dream Property download - audio files and pdf workbookDownload the full package that includes:

• mp3 audio files – 25 chapters totaling 1 hour, 52 minutes
• Find Your Dream Property Step-By-Step Workbook (30-page pdf)

Download the mp3s or stream now on any device with our playerget access button


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