Nonviolent Communication Introduction:

Video Training and Workbook

Get crucial distinctions, tools and mindsets for effective, empowered and compassionate communication through this intimate workshop on Nonviolent Communication™ 

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Nonviolent Communication Introduction Video Introduction 2-DVD Video Course and WorksheetsDo you want to…
  • Bridge the gap between you and others with empowered communication
  • Find out why fix-it language doesn’t work
  • Realize distinctions between true feelings and thoughts masquerading as feelings
  • Discover the power that true observations can give in describing a situation
  • Learn how to inquire into your own feelings and needs as well as those of others
  • Gain the deep value of curiosity and compassion instead of assuming and being right
  • Get why people are turned off by demands
  • See how much more effective you are when you create clear, actionable requests
  • Take away the difference between Life-Connected Communication vs. Life-Alienated Communication
  • Grasp how to share your gratitude with others in a way that can be fully heard

Get all of this and more with Alan’s engaging, entertaining style and illustrative examples.

 About The Instructor:

Alan Seid began studying under Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., in 1995. Alan learned most of his Nonviolent Communication™ directly from Dr. Rosenberg and has also studied with many certified trainers. Alan’s first opportunity to teach NVC, and to mediate a conflict using it, was in 1998. In 1999, Alan traveled and served as Marshall’s Spanish interpreter in Colombia, South America.

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