First thing:

This Summer my family and I are finally attending NVC Family Camp!

The truth about my family life is that conflicts come up, sometimes people want different things, often someone’s needs are unfulfilled. And through NVC consciousness and skills I’ve witnessed and facilitated astounding and heart-warming shifts in my family and in my relationship with my children.

After hearing about this event for years — and seeing the idea spread all over the world — we’re finally making the leap.

I will be there as another dad and participant — not planning to offer any training, but in the end I might not be able to help myself (!) 🙂

My dear friends and colleagues Barbara Larson and Doug Dolstad are the visionaries and organizers. Learn more about it here:

(Transparency Disclaimer: this is not an affiliate link. I receive no financial or other compensation. It’s an event I’m inspired about, and I thought it would be fun to be there with you.)

If you happen to know FierceLight Films and the work of amazing filmmaker Velcrow Ripper, he attended NVC Family Camp a few years ago. Out of that experience he created a film about NVC Family Camp, titled “Doing Love,” which I’ve embedded at the bottom after my second exciting anouncement.

Second thing:

The invitation and registration are now open for the 2014 Blackbelt Communication Skills NVC & Social Change Retreat, held at the Whidbey Institute on Vashon Island, (Washington State, USA) October 1-5, 2014. Check it out.

Join us for 4 days of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) immersion with a powerful group of trainers, at a cozy, rustic retreat center, with amazing, local, organic food, and a learning community of committed and compassionate learners.

Do you want to deepen your NVC skills? Do you want insights, ideas, tips, and tricks for applying NVC to making a positive difference in the world?

The retreat is structured to give you variety, choice, and immersion, regardless of your level of NVC practice.

I would love to see you there!

Please leave me a comment with questions or feedback. Thank you!

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