Yes – the Earth needs us to drive less. The Earth needs less deforestation, species extinction, soil erosion… the list goes on.

But what the Earth really needs is for us humans to get on the same page about who we are, what is the good life, and how we move forward into our shared destiny.

Too often, people committed to positive change fall into:

“Why are you driving?”

“Well, why are you having so many kids?”

“And what are you doing eating a hamburger?”

“Well, why are you choosing to eat avocado and banana when you live in a cold climate?”

As long as our perspective on positive change is coming from a judgmental and adversarial stance, we are hurting the Earth, because this stance generates divisiveness and therefore resistance to performing the very actions that the planet, including humanity, needs.

Next time you see someone acting in a way that you consider to be not of integrity, get curious. Invite connection and dialog about what is important, and why we are making the choices we make.

Fostering guilt, shame, and making others wrong is counterproductive to the Earth.

Whoever is living a fully ecologically sustainable and socially just lifestyle, please identify yourself.

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